Monday, November 01, 2010

MSNP16 and SLP-rewrite merged

I have just pushed the revision that merges my MSNP16 and SLP branches to the main development branch in pidgin. I'm very happy to have this branches merged since they represent almost all the code I have been writing on the last year.

Yes I have started coding MSNP16 support almost a year ago and it took a lot of effort, reverse engineering, debugging Wireshark dumps and a lot of pidgin debug logs to get it working. That is a lot of time!

It is true that the MSNP16 code was almost complete when I started my SoC work but I though it would be better to start the SLP rewrite over the MSNP16 branch to be able to easily test both codes at the same time and try to get it in a better shape before merging it to i.p.p.

I know I have announced this merge like two weeks ago, but you know, I wanted this merge to be followed by a reasonable "beta" testing before being released and at that time it got that we had an security issue and needed to release 2.7.4. Once it was out, there were some ICQ issues that needed a quick release to fix that bugs, so we got a 2.7.5. Now I was able to merge and get a normal release cycle to get beta testers to find bugs in this new and nice code.

I hope this code will fix more issues than it brings up, specially the ones related to data transfer. Since most of the code on this area have changed due DirectConn and SLP-rewrite, I guesss it would be a good idea to review and close most of the related tickets since the traceback and debug output would be really useless now. Yei for smashing tickets!

I hope you all like 2.7.6 when it get released!


  1. Thank you!! I'm gonna test it on geddeth "nightly" mtn build asap. If it works fine, it will make pidgin the most feature complete msn clone avaible (without counting amsn that I really don't like, cause it's too heavy :D)

  2. After one hour testing, I'm unable to start any file transfer between pidgin and msn latest client. On the pidgin side transfers stays in "wait for confirm" while on msn-client nothing appears. I've tried even with manual ports forward but nothing changes.

    Here's the network log

  3. please take a look at this bug

  4. @Romanyc: it is completely unrelated to this post. First of all, this new code haven't been released.

  5. yes i know, but i thought you might be involved into the MSN protocol development and fix it! :P

  6. Hello again, tried 2.76 release and can't get any filetransfer to work versus WLM (even the old non 2011 version). It works with pidgin<->trillian with no direct connection (max 5kb/sec)

  7. I guess there is a ticket about that now, if it's not, open it in the

    This is not the rigth place for bug reports.

  8. Take a look at please. Can't live with 100% broken file transfers :/